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Category: Fertility Aids

Asked by ashleydshey

Q: Has anyone else used clearblue advanced ovulation test?

I started using the clearblue advanced digital ovulation test. For the past 3 days I have gotten the flashing smiley face indicating "high fertility." I am wondering if these results are normal and if so should a just keep testing until I recieve the solid smiley. Or if perhaps there is a problem. Thanks ladies. I really want my dec baby!

This question was asked Mar. 24, 2013 10:42am
Category: Fertility Aids

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Answered by RackieW - Jun. 26, 2013 4:39am
I've had similar problems with this. I used the same test month before last and ended up with a string of flashing faces (about five). I phoned the helpline and they said this wasn't unusual but eventually I gave up and my AF arrived a couple of days later. Makes me wonder if it was just picking up hormonal changes from my AF. I didn't use the test last month but am using it again now and, while I think I should be ovulating around now, I am just getting a blank circle. Really not convinced this test is reliable.

Answered by Hoping 4 a miracle - Jun. 19, 2013 12:19pm
Know I'm late on this , but I started taking the Clear Blue Ovulation test about 5 days ago. The first 2 days I only got the blank circle O . 2 days ago I finally got the "Flashy" Smiley. I took it yesterday ... Same thing. This morning I took it and I got the flashy smiley (third day with flashy smiley). I took it in the morning when I first woke up , just like the past 4 days. I'm hoping for a solid smiley (or a positive pregnancy test) I seen the comments to take it in the afternoon as well , I may take it in the afternoon to see if it come about solid. God bless you all!!!!!

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Answered by kellyyvonne - Jun. 18, 2013 3:41am
Hi im in a similar boat 6 days of smileys so me not being one to be put off and wanting to know what the hell was happening lol i phoned the technicians and they said if its not dipped in for the whole 15 seconds it may not be long enough for it to detect lh....sooooo if thats the case but it was still showing high fertility then you could of also been ovulating my advice since this.....even if its only showing high just seize the opportunity and start BD..........COZ IF YOU DO AND YOUR OVULATING BUT SLIGHTLY MISSED IT THEN YOU COULD VERY WELL HAVE ALLOWED NATURE TO TAKE ITS COURSE ANYWAY AS THE TEST IS TELLING YOU YOUR STILL HIGHLY FERTILE...........THATS WHAT WE ARE HOPING FOR............

Answered by mummyjojo - Jun. 14, 2013 11:32am
i had 21days of flashing smiley faces & pretty much gave up hope so got the original clearblue ovulation digital (withput dual hormone) & used that alongside it that was showing up just O for the last 10 days and today i got a solid smiley face on both WAHOO we DTD so will keep posted dont give up ladies xxx

Answered by julie6kids - Jun. 7, 2013 6:24am
I've had 4 days of flashing smiley faces Grrrrr negative cheap OPK and neg digital cb OPK too.

last month i didn't get any flashing smiley faces at all just solid one that lasted 48 hrs was on like day 25 so caught us out!! lol thought we were out that month and not had a clear out if you get what i mean!! tmi xx

Answered by JanelleEDaniels - Jun. 3, 2013 8:20pm
When you get the flashing smileys, do you put a note for positive opk? Or not until solid smiley?

Answered by angel2278 - Jun. 2, 2013 2:53pm
Hi, this is the first time I used clear blue, I was using boots own but i didn't find I could tell any dif on the test!

So I thought I would give clear blue digital a try at least it shows up to say what's happening, well so I thought.

my Af last month was 16/5 and only 3 days I usual have a 6/7 days, I started testing around 24th. I thought I should be starting my period about 11/6 but I have had flashing smiley face now for the last 7 days! I have had to go out and buy a new test which I'm not happy about due to the price of this item.

We have had intercourse every day, and I'm just not sure what is happening with my body.
what is the longest any body has had the flashing light for please?

Do I just keep testing until I get a steady smile and just keep on having intercourse every day?

Kelise how have you been dealing with your 9 days of flashing smiley? have they stopped yet?

Answered by Kelsie.green80 - May. 31, 2013 11:23am
This was my first month using the advanced digital test. My cycles tend to be around 34 days so I started testing on cycled day 13. On CD15 I got my first flashing smiley face. Well today was my 9th flashing smiley face!?!? I did get the EWCM a few days ago but that is gone now and still no solid smiley face. Not sure if its my goofy cycles or the tests.

Answered by Tryingforasecond! - May. 25, 2013 10:59am
Hello, my husband and I have been trying for #2 for about 10 months now. I previously used the regular clearblue easy OV test and was getting the smiley face 2 days per month. I ran out and saw the advanced kit and bought it! This past Sunday I got a negative result, then the next 5 days it was flashing smiley face. I was was getting a little upset bc it seemed like a lot of flashing days! Anyways, today I woke up, peed in a cup and took the last of the original test and an advanced test. The original test was negative and the advanced was a solid smile. Im confused!!!!! Any thoughts??

Answered by MrsDevlin2007 - May. 20, 2013 10:30pm
I had always used the regular Clearblue Easy OPK. I got excited when I saw this Advanced one and purchased it. I got my first flashing smiley on CD19 (5/14) and all it did was flash until this afternoon. Mind you, I used the Wondfo OPKs to test along with it and they were all negative. I figured I had for sure missed my surge and I'd already ovulated. This afternoon, I tested with a Wondfo and it seemed to be positive to me. I dipped one of the Clearblue Easy Advanced sticks and waited. Low and behold...solid smiley face. I took another Wondfo test the next time I had to urinate and it was even more positive than the previous one. Oddly enough, my CM went from creamy to watery to eggwhite in about 3 hours tops. I guess I'm not out of this cycle just yet!! I think these tests work, they are just more sensitive.

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