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how to pinpoint ovulation after the trigger shot?
hi everyone! My boyfriend and I have been ttc for a year now. This cycle my ob gyn put me on 50 mg Clomid 5-9. I had a scan on ... more
Asked by aletheok - May. 31, 2014 2:35pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
When should I test?
I'm on cd 33 and my cycles have been very irregular. Last one was 29 day, the one before that was 36 and the one before that 48 d... more
Asked by Saramac - May. 31, 2014 2:18pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers

Today is my 15th day of period and both eggs are raptured
What are the chance s of my pregnancy... more
Asked by kalpash - May. 31, 2014 2:06pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
{POLL} Swimming Pool + Sperm = OK??
This might be a dumb question, but I got a positive OPK yesterday so my husband and I are BDing today but we were thinking about g... more
Asked by kvstone - May. 31, 2014 1:41pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer / 8 Votes
Did I miss my opk positive?????
did I miss my o day normally my opk isn't positive until the Cd12 but I had crazy pain in my ovary on cd 9 and lots Ewcm. Normall... more
Asked by Izzyrorysmom - May. 31, 2014 1:10pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
right so my last perios was on 4th of may. it came 6 days early. i read online that you ovulate 12-14 days after your period. well... more
Asked by emilyjade1995 - May. 31, 2014 12:39pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 3 Answers
{POLL} Irregular periods (48 day cycles), Pos Ovulation test 2 days before EWCM. When do I take preg test?
Wow, that was really hard trying to get that question in that short amount of characters when I have so much leading up to it. Fir... more
Asked by hollygolightlyshines - May. 31, 2014 12:37pm - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 0 Answers / 5 Votes
{POLL} Help. please respond or answer the poll...........PLEASE!!!!
If i had sex on all my fertile day including o day which was yesterday what are the chances of getting pregnant.? ???? Is it a hig... more
Asked by deckmommy - May. 31, 2014 10:49am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 4 Answers / 5 Votes
16dpo what's going on (new here)
Hello I'm Katie & I'm 16 dpo! If you look, my cycles are random and confusing. I'm 2 days late for aunt flow & no Pam's sy... more
Asked by Katemazing - May. 31, 2014 10:45am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 6 Answers
So confused, normal period or implantation bleeding?
I miscarried 5 wks ago and tho I still have many preg symptoms I just got my af, or what I guess is my af. It's very diff from wha... more
Asked by msdeeds1223 - May. 31, 2014 9:50am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
19 DPO, neg test
Hello, I'm starting to get really frustrated in that I don't know if I'm pregnant or it is all in my head. I am about 19 days DPO... more
Asked by pslizy84 - May. 31, 2014 7:03am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
29 weeks pregnant?
im 29 weeks pregnant? im measuring 3 weeks behnd , his head is down? is this a sign of early baby as I have a feeling I wont go th... more
Asked by vickayden09 - May. 31, 2014 4:09am - Category: Getting Ready - Emotionally - 1 Answer
Low count and motility with low sex drive....HELP!!
Hubby has low count and motility and on top of that has low sex drive due to deppresion :( im so lost here dont know how to deal ... more
Asked by mummy.of.one xx - May. 31, 2014 3:40am - Category: Fertility Issues - 3 Answers
{POLL} Am I pregnant
Help!! I took 2 digital test today, both said not pregnant but I looked at the strip and it had 2 lines!! I have so many symptoms... more
Asked by bnichole1894 - May. 31, 2014 2:14am - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers / 6 Votes
Incredibly sore hips.
I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Since about 6 weeks I've had a sore dull ache in my left hip. This last week it's become such a... more
Asked by FLO1841 - May. 31, 2014 1:36am - Category: Early Pregnancy - 1 Answer
Should I consider taking baby aspirin; given history of miscarriage?
A friend was prescribed Baby Aspirin given her history of miscarriage. I asked my Nurse Practitioner, who said there is no harm fo... more
Asked by Able15 - May. 31, 2014 12:36am - Category: Fertility Issues - 3 Answers
When Should I Test? I am almost 12dpo and I am having a few symptoms of pregnancy..
Hubby and I are TTC #1. I have a few symptoms of pregnancy, When is a good day to test? I am almost 12dpo.. In the past when I ha... more
Asked by PrincessInPink - May. 31, 2014 12:03am - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 6 Answers
Does Crinone delay your period?
I'm due to start this weekend and I don't want it delayed. I'm ready to try again next month...... more
Asked by Becky0108 - May. 30, 2014 11:56pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Short light period, bleeding again 6 days later but + HPT
On the 21st I started my period, it was lighter than normal and I didn't really need a tampon (sorry, TMI). It lasted a total of 4... more
Asked by PeachesandMustard - May. 30, 2014 10:11pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer
Opinion Needed! Symptom Check!
10-11 DPO, AF due today 5.30. Veryyyy faint (+). Having common symptoms like sore nipples, cramping, fatigue, etc.. However, th... more
Asked by Kendra8907 - May. 30, 2014 9:54pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 1 Answer