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{POLL} Am I the only one who cant wait til AF, or absence of?!
I'm not a cramper, never have been, so I'm not thrown off track by having very little cramping. I'm 13 dpo if my math is right, an... more
Asked by disxorca - Oct. 13, 2013 10:34pm - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 1 Answer / 4 Votes
Anybody successful trying to conceive with a diabetic (type 1) husband or partner?
My husband and I have been trying to conceive since feb 2012. Just curious if anyone out there in TTC land has a type one diabetic... more
Asked by heez63 - Oct. 13, 2013 10:16pm - Category: Fertility Issues - 3 Answers

Is it possible to get negative hpt and still be pregnant?
I'm 17dpo (usually have 15 day luteal phase) still no sign of Af, no cramping. My temp is still high actually the last 3 mornings ... more
Asked by scarlet-greg - Oct. 13, 2013 8:14pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 2 Answers
DH fertility issues, how to discuss?
My DH is 13 years older than I am and I'm 31. We already have a 5 year old son but I REALLY want another baby and in our talks he... more
Asked by hughes1864 - Oct. 13, 2013 7:24pm - Category: Fertility Issues - 2 Answers
Flushed face at 9 dpo
So in addition to all my other symptoms and super light bfp, I am getting a very hot, flushed face that sticks around for aw... more
Asked by jlfreeman81 - Oct. 13, 2013 7:09pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
Need a cycle buddy..I am now 1 DPO..YEAH!!! Good luck to all!!
Cycle Buddy!!... more
Asked by Shannon6 - Oct. 13, 2013 6:59pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 4 Answers
12 DPO
I did a cervix check .... cervix is thick but has something protruding from the middle. I have been spotting for 2 days now. Th... more
Asked by midnightmoet - Oct. 13, 2013 6:43pm - Category: Fertility Issues - 2 Answers
Gluten intolerance and TTC
I just fond out that I have celiac disease which was causing me to have incredibly long cycles and decreasing my over all fertilit... more
Asked by Bpdoyle - Oct. 13, 2013 6:33pm - Category: Fertility Issues - 2 Answers
{POLL} Small red veins on breasts. Pregnancy symptom?
I am around 6 dpo maybe more as I'm not temping so O date may be off. I have been having some symptoms mostly yesterday and today ... more
Asked by chelsnerwin - Oct. 13, 2013 5:51pm - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 1 Answer / 3 Votes
Chart readers please help
OK I'm on FF and here . FF said I O'd on CD 12 .. but I also have a dip on CD 16.. I do have short LP of 9-10 days. Which puts me... more
Asked by alewis - Oct. 13, 2013 5:36pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer
*23 DPO and still no AF*
I am on day 48 of my cycle and 23 DPO and still no AF. I have taken three pregnancy test and all were negative. The last test I to... more
Asked by Taylortw2013 - Oct. 13, 2013 5:36pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 3 Answers
lite spotting I am 5weeksl, Should I be concern is everything okay?
First pregnancy and crazy nervous ... more
Asked by PhatGurlWorld - Oct. 13, 2013 5:29pm - Category: Miscarriage & Loss - 4 Answers
Pain near breast
Ok so I've not been having any symptoms of pregnancy. I'm due for af either tomorrow or Tuesday but for the past day or two I've h... more
Asked by mags80 - Oct. 13, 2013 4:49pm - Category: Early Pregnancy Symptoms - 0 Answers
pregnancy test right time
i expect dis answer should be given by professional doctor if any in dis forum. hi!, i would like to know how early i can do preg... more
Asked by divyapatel - Oct. 13, 2013 3:28pm - Category: Pregnancy Tests - 1 Answer
Am I pregnant?
I started spotting about 4 days ago. Extremely light and too early to be a period. But seems heavier than what I understand implem... more
Asked by tsaikou - Oct. 13, 2013 3:26pm - Category: Am I Pregnant? - 0 Answers
{POLL} Have I Ovulated?
I have been testing for ovulation since CD7 because my last cycle was very short. on CD12 the test started to show a strong line.... more
Asked by Caitlin1986 - Oct. 13, 2013 3:06pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 1 Answer / 6 Votes
Does anyone know why periods can come early?
So I'm a little sad, actually, I'm a lotta sad; AF came this morning so I am out for like my 19th monthTTC. The weird thing is I'm... more
Asked by heez63 - Oct. 13, 2013 12:24pm - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 11 Answers
+opk but no temp surge?
I was using the first response digital opk kit with 30 strips for the first time this cycle which started Sep 29. On cd13 (Friday... more
Asked by MamaInWaiting242 - Oct. 13, 2013 11:42am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 2 Answers
Confused and sad..
17 DPO today.. 2-3 days late.. but getting BFNs. I know if I were expecting I probably would've gotten my Bfp by now (with my dau... more
Asked by Peanut102 - Oct. 13, 2013 11:27am - Category: Trying for Another - 4 Answers
Nearly positive OPK after O?
Does it mean anything if your OPK is nearly positive (test line nearly as dark as control but not quite) after O? I thought I w... more
Asked by uk55555 - Oct. 13, 2013 10:06am - Category: Cycles & Ovulation - 2 Answers