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Fertility Aids - Page 11

5 days of positive opk!
I had a negative opk on Friday1/15,Saturday 1/16and Sunday1/17(clear blue easy advanced) and Monday went straight to high. DTD Mon... more
Asked by raygozamommy - Jan. 22, 2016 11:09pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Fertibella Conceiveeasy‎ has anyone tried this ???
hi everyone me and dh have been ttc for around 5 years I have done multiple rounds of clomid and hade 3 early mc I really want to... more
Asked by stickybabydust - Jan. 21, 2016 1:33pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers

on what cycle day do you ovulate if on clomid 5-9?
i have a 26/27 day cycle. my doctor placed me on clomid 50mg started cycle day 5. on cd9 (last day of clomid) i had full ferning... more
Asked by chantellv - Jan. 20, 2016 7:08am - Category: Fertility Aids - 4 Answers
If you only had one day to BD, which one is best?
We recently found out that my husband's counts might take a bit longer to replenish (possibly 5 days). (Long story short, it's gen... more
Asked by kimberlywithat - Jan. 18, 2016 10:41pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Anyone using Vitex with irregular cycles?
Hi Ladies, Has anyone been using Vitex with irregular cycles and having success? I have irregular AF ranging from 27-43days lo... more
Asked by Hope2BMum - Jan. 18, 2016 6:05pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Anyone had success with evening primrose oil whilst trying to conceive?
Hi ladies, I've just started using evening primrose oil this cycle from day 1 and I understand its only up until ovulation. I'm... more
Asked by Rachel1984 - Jan. 18, 2016 4:03am - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
Has anyone tried egg-whites (or any other natural lube) and gotten a bfp?
I'm on my 4th cycle ttc. With my first pregnancy I had no trouble conceiving with regular lube, but since it's been taking just a ... more
Asked by Artmama - Jan. 13, 2016 4:36pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Anyone got pregnant with pcos and no period ?
I have pcos and i dont have my own period without medicine anyone got pregnant with these thing that i have plz help?... more
Asked by Milanko - Jan. 12, 2016 3:09pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Day 22 Progesterone levels of 30nmol/l is it sufficient??
Hi, I am on 50 mg clomid, day 2- day 6. I ovulated on day 15 and so had my day 22 progesterone blood test. The level came back as ... more
Asked by Anastasia999 - Jan. 12, 2016 10:44am - Category: Fertility Aids - 12 Answers
Will i het pregnanat ?
Hello ladys iam one year marrid i have pcos my period is irregular and i have hypothorism and my husban hav %30 active sperm we ar... more
Asked by Milanko - Jan. 12, 2016 10:26am - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Conceive plus fertility lubricant
I'm just starting to try conceive plus this cycle does anyone have any success stories or information, much appreciated ... more
Asked by maddies_mum - Jan. 11, 2016 7:23pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
{POLL} Starting 3rd round Clomid...what CD am I??
Very, very faint spotting started Wed 1/6 but only when wiping and continued on Thur 1/7 but a bit "heavier" only not he... more
Asked by PlcaPjt330 - Jan. 10, 2016 8:25pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer / 4 Votes
Progesterone suppositories...whose had luck using these??
Am on 14th month of ttc, after having my son and going on to have 2 early miscarriages my consultant has advised I try these. I go... more
Asked by Workingmummy1 - Jan. 8, 2016 12:49pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
{POLL} What is the best sex position when TTC?
DH and I tend to enjoy BD more when I'm on top but we worry that gravity might work against us so we do switch to missionary to fi... more
Asked by J&CBasrally - Jan. 6, 2016 1:48pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers / 14 Votes
How quickly does the sperm enter the cervix?
Crazy question but one that has stuck in my mind for some time now. We all know once the sperm gets through the cervix, it takes h... more
Asked by J&CBasrally - Jan. 5, 2016 8:59pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
Is pre-seed considered to be natural ?
Okay, so DH and I believe in only using natural methods of conceiving - no IVF, no chemicals or drugs, you know, just dtd at the r... more
Asked by Chekai - Jan. 5, 2016 2:24pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 10 Answers
Soy Isoflavones during TTC success stories? Anyone?
I just want to know if anyone took Soy and had success with it!! If so, how long did it take you to get your BFP! Please and Thank... more
Asked by waiting.patiently - Jan. 3, 2016 8:01pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 0 Answers
Anyone out there taken Ovasitol and willing to share your experiences?
I just started taking ovasitol. Which is an over the counter supplement that is supposed to help you start getting regular periods... more
Asked by framily4514 - Jan. 3, 2016 3:45pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 0 Answers
Trigger shot
So I gave myself the trigger shot on 27th Dec. Did the deed x3 times Xmas day, x2 Boxing Day x2 27th X1 28th and X1 29th. I di... more
Asked by Siany123 - Jan. 3, 2016 2:32pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Can taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy aid in conception ?
I've begun taking a prenatal vitamin several weeks ago on a daily basis. Will this aid in conception in any way ? ... more
Asked by Chekai - Dec. 31, 2015 10:16am - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers