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Fertility Aids - Page 11

Has anybody tried the SMEP plan? Any success stories?
I had a missed miscarriage in October last year and we are now trying again and have read lots of positive reviews of the SMEP and... more
Asked by Lydia-85 - Mar. 5, 2015 7:04pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Hi there has anyone tried at home sperm testers?
If so is there one brand/type that works better? I have regular cycles, I have been using OPK's and i think im ovulating. After 5 ... more
Asked by Tafoya5V - Mar. 4, 2015 3:51pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers

Where can I buy Clomid online?
Clomid ... more
Asked by MommyLvsU - Mar. 4, 2015 11:08am - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
CONFUSED...How does Vitex (Agnus Cactus) help TTC when it is supposed to be ANTi-aphrodisiac?
Pls share your thoughts... more
Asked by taragaby - Mar. 2, 2015 1:08pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 4 Answers
Taking Progesterone when TTC
I had chemical pregnancy in July. My doctor said that my progesterone levels are a little low. She gave me an Rx for progesteron... more
Asked by tryingforbaby#2 - Mar. 2, 2015 9:37am - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
Hope for a Baby!
I finished my third cycle of clomid this year. I took it a couple of years ago with no luck what so ever, so I gave up until March... more
Asked by aaronaliceledford - Mar. 1, 2015 7:14pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 0 Answers
Any Clues?
I am on my 3rd cycle of clomid 150mg, I feel kindly lost at sea. Any advice out there?... more
Asked by aaronaliceledford - Mar. 1, 2015 7:11pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 6 Answers
Anyone use the Stork OTC ?
So my DH and I have been TTC over 7 months now. He is 47 and has 2 children, I am 39 and have 1 child. We got married in July of l... more
Asked by 4katrina - Mar. 1, 2015 1:07pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 7 Answers
Help with clomid
Hello ladies.... So it will be a year next month we have been TTC. Went in to see my OB -- he's been awesome on trying to get us p... more
Asked by mama4ever - Feb. 28, 2015 11:37pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 5 Answers
Clomid Success Stories?!
Ladies, Do you have any success stories you would like to share about yourself or someone else? I am on CD 18 and 6 DPO. I d... more
Asked by Kendra8907 - Feb. 28, 2015 8:51pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
Artificial Insemination
I'm wondering if anyone has had this done before? How much did it cost? My insurance won't cover anything fertility related. An... more
Asked by abeard679 - Feb. 27, 2015 12:21pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
can i use fertilaid
hi ! i have hypothyroid and confused wheather i can use fertilaid or not ... please answers for this will be appreciated.... more
Asked by shri07 - Feb. 26, 2015 4:18pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
{POLL} Ph levels
Do any of you ladies here yet your ph levels by testing your urine? My coworker told me not to eat acidic foods or drink acidic ... more
Asked by Tr1027 - Feb. 25, 2015 5:15pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer / 3 Votes
When would Clomid Be Prescribed? Xxx
Hi ll I've been trying for a 3rd baby for the last two years and my periods are never regular there always over 32 days I've not h... more
Asked by MummyTotwoEmma - Feb. 25, 2015 2:13pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 2 Answers
Vitex (chaste berry) Extract 80mg (Standardized to 0.6% Aucubin) ...Opinions?? Does it help??
Taking this to help strengthen my ovulation...as I just finished having an anovulatory cycle with very low progesterone which comp... more
Asked by Summersky2015 - Feb. 24, 2015 8:19pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Using Fertilaid!
Has anyone had success using Fertilaid with pcos? I started it halfway through this cycle and it's almost over. Would love feedbac... more
Asked by Jonnaodom78 - Feb. 24, 2015 3:13pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer
Any success stories for women who used Femaprin or Vitex
I am 7 month's strong TTC && I was interested in taking Femaprin but I wanted to know if any women who are or were pregnan... more
Asked by MyMiracle01 - Feb. 23, 2015 3:25pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 0 Answers
Advice on evening primrose oil?
I'm confused about evening primrose oil. What does it do? The info I've been reading has left me very unsure if I should try it. I... more
Asked by MrsBK1 - Feb. 21, 2015 11:03am - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
Mucinex for bfp
I am on my 6th round of clomid. I ovulate on my own but I need it to lengthen my luteal phase which it is doing. However, I'm wond... more
Asked by abeard679 - Feb. 20, 2015 7:17am - Category: Fertility Aids - 3 Answers
•Vitex users?•
Does anyone use vitex, that can tell me more about it? Dosage, side effects, how much to take, where you buy it, is it helping reg... more
Asked by across - Feb. 19, 2015 12:59pm - Category: Fertility Aids - 1 Answer