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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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1blessedmomma  1 year ago
Always have false positives on this brand. Not evaps, they show up immediately. My tap water also has false positives apparently on this brand as well. Do not recommend at all.


Dm1987  1 year ago
Two test showed positive taken both morning and ended up being negative I wouldn't recommend them second time I've had an issue with same brand


annie1980  4 years ago
Took at 16dpo and only showed half the positive. I still take that as a positive but not satisfied enough. I may have saturated it too much?




jadams8068  5 years ago
I I trust this brand


inHimitrust  5 years ago
Had a two pack and both seemed showed a super thin line in certain lights and not all that long after sample taken. Wouldn't buy these ones again. Other brands more reliable worth the $ or probably others at comparitive price that are better.


Mommathree  5 years ago
Took this test and first response. This gave a much faster and darker positive than frer. Dipped them in the same cup of urine


kris10Luke  5 years ago
I took one at 12dpo, got a faint positive, was really worried about the reviews I read that it wasn't a real positive... but verified a little dark positive line on an FRER the same day, this brand worked just fine for me :) best of luck!


earthwoman  6 years ago
Terrible! Bought a box of 2 and the control line didn't even come up when I peed on it. Then I ran them both under the faucet and still no control came up. Cheap and they don't work! Get what you pay for I guess.


Aidensmommy12013  6 years ago
better than first response. imo. dont use first response to detect early pregnancy. blue dye tests are just as good as other tests.


wakeup79  6 years ago
8/9dpo bfn ill check in the morning!


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