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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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AKPerson  5 years ago
Worked well for me. No complaints.


Fitmommy25  5 years ago
LOVE THIS BRAND! Clear Blue gave me a negative but this gave me hope! Same results as FRER


laceritenour  7 years ago
Love this test easy to read




krickyk26  7 years ago
Getting horrific indents and grey lines. Some even start out pink but fade to grey. No longer a fan. Having same problem with FRER.


crunchymummyof3  7 years ago
Im sorry to have to redo my review but the last 3 of these I have taken have had horrible indents that look like positives while in the case, glad I took the strip out to see they were just indents not at all positives :(


crunchymummyof3  7 years ago
Better than FRER!! Less expensive and easier to interpret for early testers/POAS addicts like me that scrutinize every test! This test gave me NOTHING to scrutinize about! And it was right!


mommyash85  7 years ago
Took one last night at 8dpo then another this morning at 9dpo. 2 BFPs! Love these tests. Result came up immediately then continued to get darker.


tattoomama87  7 years ago
Had a chemical pg in March. I used this brand and each time, the BFP appeared after the wait time. Then I got a positive within wait time.


STLMomma  7 years ago
Gave me 2 BFP at 6 dpo!!! LOVE THEM!!!! :)


tinkerbell8776  8 years ago
I LOVE Answer tests. They are what i used with my angel and what I will use again.


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