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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Magdalena_N  12 weeks ago
Unfortunately I get a shadow line 8/10 times with this test. It’s gotten my hopes up too many times. I wouldn’t use for early testing. Very misleading. 2 start because blue dye is 1 star.. even worse!


Awjwrtjsab  6 months ago
Very faint bfp at 9dpo. Faint at 10dpo with an hcg of 14.7mIU/mL. LOVE these tests.


Sscrma  10 months ago
This test gave me my first faint line at 9dpo. Even when a first response was negative!!! Next day I got a darker line with a positive clearblue digital as well.




thankful2010  1 year ago
I use to like these but in the last 2 months I’ve taking a ton that look very positive but I wasn’t


Thistoo  1 year ago
My last pregnancy I got my first faint line 8dpo w/ this test, confirmed with frer. My bigest gripe is these tests are EXTREMELY prone to convincing evaps! Do not trust a line that appears after 10 minutes!


damemcmame  2 years ago
Unlike many of the other tests, there's no questioning the result. I got results that made me think I was pregnant, but with this test, its a clear negative.


abeli15  2 years ago
took 2 test on 11DPO both have faint line I am now 15DPO no period and took another test and no line appeared.. very confused


TheTina  2 years ago
These tests are cheap and very reliable. I got my first positive on them at 15DPO with a very very faint line. They're only $.88 each, so they're great for people (like me) who are addicted to POAS. lol


Clover1989  2 years ago
I got an extremely faint line. It says not to rely on any results after 10 minutes, but I checked back and the line that I thought wasn't even there was there. Is that a BFN?


NamelessAria  2 years ago
This test was surprisingly amazing. I got a faint but clearly there and pink positive on 10DPO with only around 10miu of hCG.


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