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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Burkesbabies  7 years ago
I love that these are cheap! BUT I've gotten 2 evaps so far which can be rather annoying. However, as another poster mentioned, the same brand OPKs are great!


Guest  8 years ago
Have used about 7 HPTs. Never even the slightest hint of an evap. You can see the indentation line, but it's snow white so it doesn't give you any false hope! Haven't gotten a BFP on it, though, so can't tell as to how clear it gets on those.


Heather0  8 years ago
got 2 nasty evaps total let down , but the ovulation test worker awesome




boomumma  8 years ago
Sensitivity for these is 25 ml/u. Highly accurate, with occasional evap's though, however I found evap's even with expensive FRER.


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