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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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teachateacha  6 years ago
They work, but very faint in comparison to FRER.


poetris  6 years ago
Great for the price, got a BFP at 11dpo but very, very faint. Same day had a faint but clear positive on a midstream test. Would use again though!


sophiasmommy123  6 years ago
i got 4 evap lines in a row on these :(




inalberta  6 years ago
Have used this test and got a strong positive before period was due and taken in the evening. Love the affordability & the accuracy!!


Mellybab  6 years ago
Hated these, I took one with my last pregnancy got a negative, took a first response one the next day,got a positive.


Gurpreet84  7 years ago
very good........number one :)


BaByDuStFoRuS  7 years ago
I love these cheap little tests!They work super fast and are easier to use then the big standard tests,in my oppinion.I just got a BFP last night!!!!!!:))


boomumma  7 years ago
This just picked up my pregnancy at 8dpo very faintly then again on 10dpo faintly positive. Blood test positive today 12 dpo. Cheap but they work.


Mommy_Lori  7 years ago
I was given 2 test by the Dr (the day before & the same morning I took a ProCare test. Both came out faint but noticeable. ProCare showed up clearer/faster than the first 2


POASFiend  7 years ago
Have never had evaps. As long as you follow the instructions and read in the allowed time, it works great. Got 2 faint pos 12dpo and thought maybe this was the evap lines that I was hearing so much about. But I was indeed pregnant. Trying again and I've just been getting snow white BFNs.


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