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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Amarylis  5 years ago
faint positive at 9 dpo. Equate early tests were still negative. Retested a few days later and had a very strong positive. Very trustworthy results for low price


love2bmommy  5 years ago
My go to tests. Cheap and accurate


tiredofwaiting2013  8 years ago
They can give very dark evaps at the 10 minute mark. So much so that they changed the reading time from 10 min to 5 min. The evaps do look like positives and they have color to them.




stuff7451  8 years ago
Great! Worked before CB Digital. SUPER sensitive IMO. Faint line at 11 dpi, darker at 12.


CABC77  9 years ago
Was the first test to show positive - I appreciate the value and accessibility.


Amarylis  9 years ago
I love these tests but DON'T look at them hours after they dry. Gives accurate results during the time period but can get real good evaps later in the day. 25 miu.


celueste  9 years ago
I get very dark evaps with these..


fruitfly  9 years ago
These gave me my very first positive at 8dpo, when the frer was stark white. I love these and recommend them to anyone.


pmwmcdonald  9 years ago
Worked amazing with 3 of my pregnancies :) positive every time with very strong dark lines. Always use this brand. And cheaper too.


Mommy34  9 years ago
Don't trust Pro Care test. I have never gotten a positive with them before but any other test seems to work first try. Two pregnancies and no luck with these. Pay the extra money for accurate results.


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