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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Awjwrtjsab  3 years ago
Worked perfectly! Well worth the $$


tipulidae  3 years ago
Very disappointed. The shadow lines make it impossible to tell a faint positive from a negative.


alicat356  3 years ago
Line showed darker on this than FRER on 9dpo




BabyBaby333  3 years ago
I got a BFP at 9dpo before FRER. I am a true believer in these tests. Very impressed.


LovelyJean  3 years ago
I like these because they are so cheap and I can pee on a stick as much as my heart desires. However, they always have a bit of a pink color to them which doesn't make them good for possible faint lines.


ssavmsm  3 years ago
I tested very faint positive on 10 DPO


Kirmc0216  3 years ago
I got a BFP at 8dpo on these!!! Granted it didn't show up immediately but when I got my betas taken same day my hcg level was only an 8.5 by that point!! Super sensitive!!!


Ndoup920  3 years ago
Got a very faint positive at 9dpo, was strong positive by 12dpo. The line does NOT show up immediately, so make sure to wait the full 5 minutes.


jku394  3 years ago
Seems well enough, cheap and might be accurate. Never had a bfp yet, but also haven't gotten pregnant yet lol so they have been accurately negative.


NamelessAria  4 years ago
I got my BFP at 10DPO pretty quickly after testing. Maybe 2 minutes. The BFNs I got previous cycles were all clearly negatives. I never had trouble with evaps or otherwise faulty tests.


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