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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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ivana1234  6 years ago
Had soo many false positives which clearbleu easy, real , thick bleu lines + , showing right away! Hart braking . You can see all the tests on my profile . Do not use this brand!!!!!!


moments123  7 years ago
3 faint positives in time frame and all pink dye tests neg bad for false positives and very heart breaking for someone that's been ttc for over a year ugh worst


bellamamamore  7 years ago
Awful. From a 3 pack... one failed to respond at all. Next two tests gave false positive results at 9dpo and 11dpo. Plus showed within seconds. Very disappointed.




AlaskaGirl  7 years ago
horrible horrible horrible amount of false positives and terrible customer service. I'll never buy this product from them again.


walnut21  7 years ago
Had a few false positives with this brand. Really heartbreaking. The only plus is the fact the window is so large. :(


Missbutterfly   8 years ago
Used clearblue this pregnancy as opposed to first response and I liked it just as well. Didn't catch pregnancy as early though ad first response did though!


babylove14  8 years ago
Only good if you actually are pregnant. Beware of false positives!!! They seem to be common with this test. Always confirm a faint positive with another brand or skip this brand all together. Never using it again.


AmyD4610  8 years ago
Lines are thick, so easy to read, even with very faint lines. Love this brand - it's mine and DH's favourite brand!!!


shivs1  8 years ago
Awful. The amount of false positives are crazy with this brand. Ditch these.


alhahn84  8 years ago
Had a very clear BFP on 11dpo. No question squinting required. Showed up quickly. This was my first experience with this brand and would use again in the future!


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