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Guest  8 years ago
I got very faint positives at 9 & 11 dpo. Then at 14 dpo, negative! Other tests were positive and so was doctors. These tests caused me a lot of anxiety!!!


nasiaki  9 years ago
The lines do not get darker and they make my feel anxious.The same faint positives from 12 dpo to 18 dpo


cacrmt  9 years ago
Got a faint line at 10DPO with FMU. Seriously thinking it was an evap line or indent. NOT happy at all with these tests.




Noradun  9 years ago
False Positive!


LisaOA  9 years ago
Hmm...tested out HCG trigger and was barely pos. at around 100 miu HCG....noto too sure on these...also get evaps.


nursejones29  9 years ago
love the price and hopefully will love the results :-)


guzeysu  9 years ago
I got a faint positive at 11 dpo at my last pregnancy.Also got evaporation lines sometimes


guzeysu  9 years ago
last time I got pregnant, I used 10 DPO and I get a faint positive


Wannabee  9 years ago
It gave a negative result while 20 miu test where faint positieve


Guest  9 years ago
it did the job i took it 7 dpo it was negative


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