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redshadoe0  7 years ago
FRER picked up a chemical pregnancy at 13dpo while these "super sensitive" tests were still showing BFN. I know they're cheap, but they're not worth it unless it's just to feed a POAS addiction.


Guest  7 years ago
BFN at 9dpo, when other tests (first response & cb digital) were positive. Didn't show a definate line until 14 dpo, even then very faint. Plus I've had countless evaps on these tests over the months


Wade1739  7 years ago
15 dpo still showing VERY faint lines when EPT digital says pregnant




louweb82  8 years ago
save your money, only got a extremely faint positive on 13dpo, was expecting sooner with it saying it detected 10miu. I may as well of waited one xtra day to test with a normal miu.


mykayle2202  8 years ago
the test itself was very cheap and easy to use but got alot of evap lines and lots of worry so i think just using a better test would make it easier


delgirl33  8 years ago
The only good thing about these is the price. Lots of evap lines. Today I did two of these, both negative, and two 20miu tests were both positive! I don't know WHAT to think now...


kruithofbrooke  8 years ago
Love them.. never had a problem.. detected all my pregnancies early enough and tho finding out early has set me up for dissapointment with some miscarriages I love them and i love the price


member  8 years ago
This was neg or very very faint positive when I got a positive FRER and digital at the same time!


Nasierra12  8 years ago
Worst test ever. A ton of unnecessary anxiety. Results @ 12DPO - Negative & VERY faint Positive. Took a Clear Blue Dig and FRER & both STANDARD BFP!! This test is useless.


Guest  8 years ago
where can you purchase this test?


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