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xxjtxx  7 years ago
Gave me a false positive this cycle. But had been accurate with my youngest child. If you get a positive, it's worth testing again or trying another brand.


marycatherine83  7 years ago
If there was a no start rating I would use it. Negatives on all internet cheapies at 10 mIU. I bought a clear blue, blazing BFP and a 25 mIU from the chemist again blazing BFP. Just need to confirm with bloods


Eidson23  7 years ago
Referring to Sure Predict brand, highly recommend! I had a lot of false SUPER faint lines on Wonfos and was very disappointed. I switched to these, and had very faint lines starting at 6dpo, very noticeable lines by 8dpo, and the progression is beautiful!




Gabbymonkey  7 years ago
I have never gotten a false positive. Test does take some time to process... like five minutes.


DinkC89  7 years ago
Iv tested with these since 9dpo i had really faint positives till today 13dpo i am getting negative results on fmu, there confusing think i will switch to a different brand


beccaswish  8 years ago
Perfect! Positive from 8dpo ( short cycles! )


Romans828  8 years ago
DO NOT USE. Got these from "Baby Hopes." I got many false negatives (3 diff brand of preg tests already confirmed BFP) and even after my blood test days later, these only showed VERY faint + that took 15 min to show up.


iow_bird  8 years ago
I used these when TC my sone and they were awesome. They have changed them since then and now they are just confusing. Indents show before testing, you have to hold the test under a light to work out if it's the indent giving the line, and evaps are shocking!


smudgedhorizon  8 years ago
Very cheap but rubbish. I had a blur on a test at 10 & 11 dpo, then an almost invisible grey line 12 dpo after 10 minutes, I got a more expensive test & after 2mins I got a strong pink line. I wouldn't use these again. Even at 14 dpo I have to squint to see the line.


LuLuLady  8 years ago
Cheap but I struggled with indent and evap on these. Didn't get a clear bfp until 2 days late, can't be as sensitive as claimed (or lacking in dye)


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