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Sensitivity: 10 mIU/ml

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prettyflower34  11 months ago
I don’t trust the Wondfo brand anymore. Constant evaps on the 10miu. They seem to have shadow lines out of the pack.


jlhdjx  6 years ago
its okay for giving you slight indications of pregnancy, but probably wouldnt rely on this test soley....


Cupcake504  6 years ago
I've only started using these this week and have no evaps whatever. No positives either but I'll keep trying. They were sure predict brand.




SteffiBrwn  6 years ago
Showed negative at 12 DPO but a nice bright positive at 14 DPO. Had a few ink runs, but they're so cheap you don't mind dipping 2 or 3 at a time


Emma101  6 years ago
I think these work just as fine as any other hpt, you have to pww in a cup, but i think that's worth it when the cost is 1/20 of drug store tests. Mine showed negative every day from 6 dpo to 10 dpo, then very faint positivt 11 dpo with fmu.


nicolajane74  7 years ago
I have bought 2 brands of IC 10miu tests - the ones from amazon are giving visible faint positives. Access Diagnostics look pretty much neg. Pos on CB digi, sainsburys & FRER. 10 miu are not as sensitive as they claim and can be v misleading! DON'T BUY ACCESS DIAGNOSTICS HPT TESTS!


mummyt  7 years ago
Would highly recommend these tests, picked up my pregnancy at 10po


baruderu  7 years ago
Horrible tests. Nothing but evaps and indents. Very disappointing. I've used around 30 of them from different lot numbers so it's not just a fluke.


ELGtrying   7 years ago
I've gotten nothing but evaps. When I put the photos on this site people vote them as positive then I loook at them and there's no line. Waste of money.


suthernkiwi  7 years ago
Gave a super faint positive at 7dpo, faint + @ 8dpo, and clear + @ 9dpo. Takes a long time for streaks to clear from test field, though.


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