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Sensitivity: 10 mIU/ml

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Razzle  7 years ago
Probably the cheapest early test you can buy. Got my strong positive 11dpo, would definitely recommend if the 2WW is taking forever.


mrswoody1979  7 years ago
Strong bright pink "positive" at 9 dpo that turned out to be BFN. Will never use this brand again. Gutted doesn't start to cover it


coralredgate  7 years ago
not currently pregnant, but when i was pregnant before m/c i got a REALLY strong BFP at 11dpo




Guest  7 years ago
BFP at 9dpo :)


hottjd  7 years ago
brilliant, used it because I read online review saying it was good, after neg on boots own brand the day before, positive within 2or3 minutes this morning :)


NCM1979  7 years ago
My hcg must have taken a LONG time to show up as I didn't get a strong BFP until 9w2d on Feb 5th. I tested on Jan 18th and got a faint line hours afterwards thought it was an evap, but I guess not after all.


Olessya  8 years ago
I used this test and got positive at 9 DPO and it was a very dark line. All other tests could not show with same urine sample.


Guest  8 years ago
First time i've used this brand and i really like them they are designed really nice and the lines come up really dark so no guessing is that a line or not.


TALLIE  8 years ago
i am due af in 3 days,took a superdrug test today and got a paint positive. yay!


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