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Sensitivity: 10 mIU/ml

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pinkster123  5 years ago
Got a huge evap at 14dpo


GabrielGenesis0509  5 years ago


DanniiW  6 years ago
Always had brilliant early results from this test. Showed a faint positive 6 days before my period




jasperbaby  6 years ago
Faint positive 6dpo very sensitive


Lipsylisa76  7 years ago
Excellent. Got result 4 days before due.


amy-lou89  7 years ago
I did one 24/08/2014 and my dark positive came up within seconds my period is due 26/08/2014, im hoping this is a good sign :)..n the tests are so cheap 2 for £4.00


bettyboo55  7 years ago
Got a good strong line after 2 mins! First ever POAS! Cheap and sensitive!


smudgedhorizon  8 years ago
LOVE these! £3.99 for 2 & so sensitive - 10miu, same as one step internet cheapies but better. At 11 dpo the internet ones had a super faint shadow of a line after 10 mins, the superdrug test got a nice strong pink line after 2 mins. No need to pay for more expensive tests as these are fab.


lox1911  8 years ago
Got a faint positive at 10dpo and BFP 2 days after. Most sensitive on the market and a 1/3 of the price of clearblue!


Browneyesxx5  9 years ago
brought these yesterday im 12days dpo and got a faint but def there positive this morning they pick up from 10miu


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