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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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bustco  5 years ago
I used these tests when trying for our son. I found them to be very reliable and sensitive! Showed a positive before most other brands !


Lisamariebrand01  6 years ago
I used this brand when I had a suspicion that I might of been pregnant. I was 6 weeks when I took my first test and it was so clear and came up within seconds!


babyhopes3xx  6 years ago
good test




Jodymorgan86  8 years ago
I love this brand always got my early bfps with them! better than frer!


sophi-adelle  9 years ago
Standard + at 12dpo ultra early 10miu wasnt as dark so very good especially for the price


xscorpx  9 years ago
i find these easy to use and accurate they test at 15 miu


Guest  10 years ago
used this 2 days before my due period and got a faint positive line. Very cheap, but obviously just as good as the branded ones


molt........  10 years ago
Used test 4 days before period and got bfp


Guest  10 years ago
12 dpo 13dpo negative


Guest  10 years ago
used this day was due, no probs at all


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