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Fin's Mummy  7 years ago
Terrible !, have used for a couple of months and just showed Evaps after quite a short space of time . Would not recommend :((


SequinFlower  8 years ago
Avoid!! Notoriously bad evaporation lines, had 4 bsadones on the bounce last cycle and all blue lines not grey at 13 dpo.


Mammoth  8 years ago
Clear results. (Unf all BFNs.) Supposed to be 15mIU - v. sensitive. It may give BFPs earlier, before you'd normally be aware that you were pregnant. 70% of v. early pgs are lost. For this reason, avoid early testing.




7ayaty  8 years ago
Awful..only ever got evaps..all within 2 mins of taking the test. Don't waste your money


colette35  8 years ago
Twin pack - second test I did was invalid but even before I tested it looked as though there was a line on it should have not used it won't buy again!


UrbanPigeon  9 years ago
Detected HCG from 12dpo BUT lines were rubbish. Blue dye is rubbish. Different batches had very different results. Still pregnant but only go with pink dye or digital tests


jessiestars  9 years ago
very confusing and results are unclear


Guest  9 years ago
crap same happened to me heart breaking they shud be taken of the shelves


Guest  10 years ago
Clear, informative, simlpe. Could I send you some e-hugs?


Guest  10 years ago
A very thin line also off centre,not sure either waste of money was a twin pack and the other one was invalid!! Not at all impressed.


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