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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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littleskip  6 years ago
One of the tests was a dud!


CtStvns  6 years ago
I used the digital and got a positive 2-3 days before my expected period,


aashika  7 years ago
Gave me faint line on 17dpo.




Mammyto3monkeys  8 years ago
Gave me a vv faint bfp 11dpo same as the 10mlu ebay tests very suprised I got anything due to them being 25mlu


dijotofmummy  9 years ago
10 dpo negative but will test again in few days if period doesn't show


Kara94xx  10 years ago
Plastic cover makes it difficult to see result. Also bad for evap lines.


emmam1990  10 years ago
Showed a positive on the day I was meant to be dueon my period - 2 very dark lines


MrsRev  10 years ago
Easy to use, gave me v faint pos at 10dpo and faint pos at 11 dpo


*TTC*#4*After*Loss*  10 years ago
It was a bit to early


missbabes  10 years ago
Despite being simple to use, the plastic cover over the results makes it hard to see, can see it being a problem for faint results.


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