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Sensitivity: 12 mIU/ml

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xl0stangelx  6 years ago
The new designs are awful. horrible indents that can appear to be a very faint positive when you are not pregnant. no longer trust this brand


LovelyJean  6 years ago
Always gives the indent line which makes you think it's a vvfl. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone but there's not very many good sensitive pregnancy tests out there. Just don't trust the test unless it's a bright pink second line.


Korenelm  6 years ago
Was very easy to hold and use.




rebeljennie  6 years ago
Bad indent lines on every test by them, gives false hope and broken hearts


Catelyn55  6 years ago
My favorite.


Holliems   6 years ago
I got a faint but pink line at 9 DPO.


Holliems   6 years ago
The curved tests lets urine collect in an indent making you believe you have a faint BFP. However, IT did SHOW a real BFP @ 9 dpo. Darker by 10 DPO.


inHimitrust  6 years ago
I trust this brand. I've gotten all three of my "positives" on it, often times before my missed period. This last time I used the new design and it seemed to work just as well--I didn't mind the curve one bit.


agbeffer  6 years ago
I hate the new curved shape!! But it's still the only test I trust


lblinc  7 years ago
Only test to give me accurate, CLEAR early results. I know FRER seems to be the holy grail for most women, but these are far more sensitive. I'll never use another!


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