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Sensitivity: 12 mIU/ml

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krissiebean  5 years ago
FR use to be my go to test, but with the new curved design I am so disappointed in the indents. Some that look surprisingly like a faint bfp.


ALynnSan1  5 years ago


oc2000  6 years ago
Very faint positive 13 dpo gave positive




Samantha34  6 years ago
Faint positive 7dpo


Charmedofcourse  6 years ago
showed positive tested july 4th negative


emeraldrainbow   6 years ago
I got the second pink line an hour or more after taking the test... I wasn't pregnant.


Smbenn  6 years ago
indents and evaporation lines. Not as sensitive anymore.


JamieNev  6 years ago
As some of the other ladies mentioned I can clearly see a second faint line or indent. I can see where it would lead to confusion. Unreliable.


Motamazingb  6 years ago
Gives indent lines, false hope


aquapd  6 years ago
The new ones are soooo bad! I've used pack after pack and all of them tend to give indent lines! So annoying and frustrating!!


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