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sendmena  4 years ago
I am 1 day from my period starting-took a test, saw a FAINT PINK positive line (i have been taking these tests for 4 days) ..cried, called my husband, and went back 5 mins later, line was GONE.


megttc#2  5 years ago
I took this on 9DPO and it was neg. Took one with FMU at 10 DPO and +ve! Went to my doctor a few hours later, their pee test said neg, took another FRER and still +ve. Took blood - and my HCG was 7!!!!!!!! Can't get more sensitive than that!!! Two positives from an HCG of 7!!!! WOOOHOOO


run_love  5 years ago
These have never failed me, not even the new design. I have never had an issue with seeing an indent or a glare. This was the only test that picked up my pregnancy last time. Even though my beta was 106




cdac1980  5 years ago
Got a clear line at 9 and 10dpo when IC was still barely there. They have never given me any false indents either.


JB1886  5 years ago
Other women mentioned it and I totally agree: there's always a very faint line in the back that causes confusion + the new design intensifies glare, which is very frustrating. Not buying again.


Bluebird647  5 years ago
Very clear reading today, has issues in past with other frer showing a lot of evap but in this case 6 day earlier test has worked very well.


Cacaha75  5 years ago
the new curved design is awful.....there are too many shadows when trying to view the results. Glares galore! I liked the old ones way better. This used to be my #1 reliable and now....I wouldnt pick it up if it was the last one on the shelf. Im so disappointed in it now.


Dustellabella  5 years ago
its hard to read. especially if its a faint line


Thachchinda  5 years ago
I took two of the FR and both had a faint positive 2/3 days before my expected period. I was two days late on my period and to know on the third day that I have a heavy flow is very disheartening. To the ladies who take FR please be cautious and use other brands to confirm.


Lovemyboys2012  5 years ago
I've taken several and they always have a very faint line (evap) within a couple minutes of taking the test. Very frustrating. I've noticed others have the same issue!


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