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Sensitivity: 12 mIU/ml

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Maggie6424  3 years ago
Every single test has an indent. A very visible indent. Definitely not worth the money or frustration, and I'll be switching brands.


spaigew  3 years ago
For three months in a row, I used FR 4 days before period was expected. EVERY test got my hopes up bc there was a vvvfl. I even posted them on my GLOW groups, and people said "I see it! Keep testing!" --- Rollercoaster of emotions. Not worth it.


Sscrma  3 years ago
9dpo and gave me a negative after I already got a positive on first signal. Faint line didn’t show till 10dpo




Espence  3 years ago
The indent lines are a killer. Spent Too much money on them to get my Hope up. If I just first response it will be the digital. No ident there.


PokeMyEyes  3 years ago
These tests seem to have significant indent lines. Dark enough to look like a very faint positive but not be positive. Super disheartening


sendmena  3 years ago
PINK EVAP line within minutes. Took 10 more tests.. 6/10 had Evap lines quick!! (one even before I peed on it!) 3/6 of the evap lines were PINK.


Mom4887  4 years ago
This test has been giving me false positives. My daughter was stillborn recently and i have started TTC and was soooo excited to get positives! I went in for my beta hcg and it was less than 2. NOT pregant! Devastated


Lollypoop  4 years ago
These test are so expensive and I would expect quality for the price. Honestly I have completely lost faith in FRER tests. I have spent an absolute fortune on them these last few months and had so many faint lines when I'm not pregnant. Heartbreaking


BoyMom28  4 years ago
Gave me a very faint line at 11DPO i dont like these test too expensive!


Zobox1  4 years ago
Got a faint but obvious line at 9dpo with my first and then jist tested at 8dpo and got faint line, these are the most sensitive tests Iv used Iv never had a positive before my period with any other test


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