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Magdalena_N  12 weeks ago
I’m not a huge fan but they are ok. The plastic behind the test shows through making it appear that there is a very faint line. Also White idents show up on invert. Heartbroken many times. I’d use after 11 dpo at the very soonest


Kmp080384  3 months ago
Started getting very very faint lines at 8dpo fmu. At 11dpo fmu it was slightly darker, not much. So with 2nd fmu I used clearblue digital and it confirmed 1-2 weeks :-)


DsLee79  5 months ago
I got a couple very faint positives and then a very dark positive on this brand that was suppose to be the most trusted brand. Went to the doctors the day after my BFP and my HCG was less than 2, so they were all definitely FALSE POSITIVES.




Allorahdanyn  5 months ago
Love FRER for early test. Nothing else will give you a + at 8 dpo. such a sensitive test will pick up chemicals. heartbreaking. I have also experienced the indents. Took two tests yesterday because of it & I always confirm a + with another brand.


AlaskaGirl  6 months ago
The indents (which are on every test) often turn pink, but when I re-check it turns out im not pregnant causing heart ache.


Mamabear86  8 months ago
I’ve used these test many times. They are the most sensitive tests you can buy, and they’ve always been great for me. I’ve never seen an indent line, but the plastic on the back of the test may be giving the illusion of an indent if held to light.


Maggie6424  8 months ago
Every single test has an indent. A very visible indent. Definitely not worth the money or frustration, and I'll be switching brands.


spaigew  10 months ago
For three months in a row, I used FR 4 days before period was expected. EVERY test got my hopes up bc there was a vvvfl. I even posted them on my GLOW groups, and people said "I see it! Keep testing!" --- Rollercoaster of emotions. Not worth it.


Sscrma  10 months ago
9dpo and gave me a negative after I already got a positive on first signal. Faint line didn’t show till 10dpo


Espence  10 months ago
The indent lines are a killer. Spent Too much money on them to get my Hope up. If I just first response it will be the digital. No ident there.


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