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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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Anewhope2018  4 years ago
This test caused me so much worry, including paying privately for quantitative hcg test to monitor levels. The deep set test makes it difficult to read, the window steams up. Really awful. FRER bright bright line and these are so pale.


Sezzyeb  6 years ago
Boots own brand excellent


s_adkins  7 years ago
Eeeh. The results from these tests made me panic a bit, as the line was very faint even on 12dpo. Compared to other tests where I had a blazing BFP from 10dpo, these were real squinters. Stopped using them now and only using FRERs to check on progression. Disappointing!




redrouge  8 years ago
Took this test last yr got positive day before period due..took one today period due and got a squinter pos yesterday with cb..will never buy test again


Twoofus   8 years ago
Got a positive after an hour but did clear blue later on and negative so no idea if I am Or not posted pic under evap line thread. The line was blue but read these tests are notorious for evap lines?


ClaireEK1  8 years ago
Agree with comment below.. The box is misleading. It also says in bold writing 'test anytime of the day', but then when you read the small print it says 'but if you're testing before your expected next period, only use FMU'. Very annoying!


Little-Nipper  9 years ago
Continued - Cannot comment on test as I could not use as I'm only 11DPO. But will never buy again due to being mislead.


Little-Nipper  9 years ago
Bought today, 11DPO. Intructions say use on day of missed period. Feel mislead as this is not made stated on outside of sealed box. Had to buy another test.


redrouge  9 years ago
13dpo and got strong positive..and doc confirmed with his test and got same strenght positive..


ClomidMummy2013  9 years ago
got 2 in a box both had positive results. bright blue lines... negative FRER and got my period.


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