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Sensitivity: 50 mIU/ml

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responsibility  7 years ago
Gave me false positive result couple of times.


katimini91  7 years ago
tested yesterday twice very faint line but geting darker so tested this morning at 14 DPO I did get a clear positive within a min...AF show up a hour later...fery disappointed when you know that's normally false positive is not something common obviously it is this brand speciality


rach1301  8 years ago
Used this brand last cycle and got a false positive.incredibly disappointing. Would never use this brand again. I believed that it was unlikely to get false pos with pink dye .....this obviously was not true




Lynnie  8 years ago
showed a very clear faint positive at 12DPO, then with the confirm I received with the predictor test, at 15DPO it showed a vvvvvvvv faint almost not noticeable positive, AF showed that same day.. these tests are crappy!!!!!


babyhopes3xx  8 years ago
3 false positives never buy this is , waste of money and time.


ClomidMummy2013  8 years ago
False positive, not happy


amanda80  8 years ago
I tested at 12dpo and got a very faint line so tested again later that day and got a very good pink line after about a minute. Tested about 5 times with different brands and got nothing -next day af arrives. Looks like I got 2 false positives


DiamondVali  8 years ago
Got a very convincing false positive on this test, I will never buy it again.


xmasbabywanted  9 years ago
cant read these for toffee the dye ius terrible and they all say neg which is probably true but its really hard to read them


garysgirl  9 years ago
Got a faint bud good positive on this test. Turned out to be negative. Will NEVER use these again.


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