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Sensitivity: 18 mIU/ml

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2moms2013  9 years ago
I took 3 FRERs days 11,12,13 and got faint positives. Took the digital today (day 14) and got a no-. Not sure what to think.


zenababyy1  9 years ago
I bought this, I took right away couple of hours ago (it's already 12:44 am) and it came out negative. But I'm showing all symptoms, and 5 days late with no sign of period. I'll try the other one it came with tomorrow morning.


moodiblu03  9 years ago
Had 2 in a pack and used the first one- got a YES+ and used the second one with the same urine, 5 min later- NO- Confirmed POS with a FRER. Not buying this one ever again.




Looney  9 years ago
wait time was excruciatingly long. nervous about result, reviews online claim A LOT of false positives...


Guest  10 years ago
Got a pretty dark line on $ tree test, took two of these test and both said no...?=(


scncartist  10 years ago
10 dpo and I got a bfn. I picked this one because I didn't want the whole "is there a line or isn't there a line dilemma". However I couldn't find any info on sensitivity levels on any packaging or insert. I'll try again in a few days!


blondemama2acutie  10 years ago
Negative at 10 dpo and 11 dpo. Very easy to use although not as sensitive as the standard non digital first response test.


samiam  10 years ago
Not sure about this test. I've taken two other tests and they both were BFPs and taken this one twice and gotten "no"s on each one.


qgoorod  10 years ago
10 dpo, negative. Pretty easy to use. I'm waiting a couple of days to test again.


Guest  10 years ago
So easy! 10-11 DPO came up Yes+.... Love it!


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