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linzeebee  7 years ago
Opened it and found 2 lines. One might consider that nothing, yet while opening the test, it decided to randomly change its results from "-no" to "+yes." Very weird considering I got a positive later that night! Sucky test though.


pypersmommy1  7 years ago
I took the digital test.. First came up NO- then within seconds before I could pick it up it changed to YES+ and showed a clock.. NO IDEA what this means... irritating.


Irish_lady  8 years ago
Used first response 5 days earlier on dpo 11,12,13! 14 and got faint - standard positive results, but took the digital version and got bfn, annoying.




postpunkgirl  8 years ago
11 DPO: U-check cheap test: Faint positive. First Response Gold digital, expensive: "No". Doesn't seem right but I will retest with FRER in the next days. I heard digital ones are not very accurate for early DPO.


thepunks  8 years ago
Waited for 5 days of Wondfo faint bfps to test with a digi. Came up YES+ right way!


ShazzaRazza  8 years ago
I have used this brand and was accurate for me. Got my YES+ at 12dpo, 5 days before AF was due.


Tinybbbird  8 years ago
First pee stick, I'm guessing about 3 days BMP, I got a Extremely VFP.( like not even showing up in pictures) then used EPT: bfn. another FRER. VVFP. WTF! Used wallgreens digi. NOT PREG. After more VFP'S AND BFNS. Today I finally got a yes! ( with the same FMU that gave me a bfn with fact plus)


DanielleG  8 years ago
I took this test along with several others. Got BFP with all others tests, and was surprised when I got a BFN with this one. Espically, when it came in a box with a FRER and i had a stong positive... A little irratating...


KarmicDharma  8 years ago
I wouldn't recommend this test. Bought a two pack and neither worked! Asking for money back. :-(


Preciousbby#4  9 years ago
well i took 2 dollar tree test and were positive took this one and it was also positive im gonna wait a few more days to retest. but so far i got a bfp


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