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Sensitivity: 18 mIU/ml

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Suziiebloom2133  3 years ago
Got a YES+ at 7 dpo! All other tests have been negative today at 8dpo... wth!


TS1994  4 years ago
Gave false positive result, HCG blood test came back negative. Completely disappointing, will never use again.


Snowbunnyknows  5 years ago
Bought this as a three pack triple check package that included the Frer 6 days sooner, gold digital and fast results after testing positive the day before with a frer. The 6 day sooner came back positive, as did the fast results but the digital was negative.




pennylaine  6 years ago
Malfunctions on 4/6 tests - clock that won't disappear. Googled, and there are LOTS of stories like this. WASTE OF MONEY!


TTCMy3rdHis1st  7 years ago
10dpo 3 test, different brands read within limits.. Faint ;Positives. 11dpo Gold w fmu. NO. Reviewed and opened test, seen my two lines. Wasted my fmu.


shuny02  7 years ago
I took this test and it said negative. Pulled it apart and saw 2 pink lines. Took FRER and it was positive. Took another FRER the next day and again positive. Disappointed!


AmyD4610  7 years ago
Held off testing until 16DPO due to bad reviews. Test worked fine, and displayed the + YES symbol for almost 3 days. Pulled test apart and lines were dark, so could have tested earlier.


MizzBaldwin  7 years ago
Mine just showed a clock. Never anything else. What a waste of money..


noliejane  8 years ago
Getting BFPs on every other test (including CBE digitals) at 11dpo, but not FRER Gold Digital until 12dpo--definitely NOT as sensitive as it's supposed to be!


lulumama  8 years ago
Got my first BFP yesterday, followed by a BFN today. Searching around it seems this brand / model has a poor track record overall so I'm going to ignore both results and got back the regular FRER.


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