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stmayo8896  8 years ago
This test sucks!


MizRoxy  8 years ago


songbird  8 years ago
took a while to show but it is VERY positive, I am literally in SHOCK!!!




sweetie69862002  8 years ago
This is the only pregnancy test brand I'll use. I have used the First Response Early Pregnancy tests and receieved a negative 3 days after I was expecting my period and it was negative. So I used this test a week later and within seconds it was postive.


owen1827  8 years ago
Got a faint positive result at 11 DPO. Confirmed with Answer Quick and Early Result (comparable to First Response Early Result). The drawback is that it takes longer than other tests.


Guest  8 years ago
11 DPO Negative test on the answer sticks, but p;ositive FRER and CBE Digi!


kory18  9 years ago
took a test today at 8:00 p.m it was negative bought 2tests so gonna use my first morning urine tommorrw so goodluck to me and hope to get a bfp


Guest  9 years ago
Reasonable price for the results that are comparable to a FRER


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