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Vimm0128  6 years ago
Gave me a false positive


Sarah-H  8 years ago
i dont know whats wrong with this product ...if its me or it the product ..all the other brand are giving me a positive result except this one which keeps giving me neg results whatsoever !


Jami20886  9 years ago
I joined this site just to rate how horrible the answer lab strips are. I ovulated October 8th and got negative results (no line what so ever) 18 days past ovulation. I took a first response this evening because I felt pregnant despite my results....and def. preggers :).




Razzle  10 years ago
The sensitivity is far too high! More likely to get false negs if your hormones are slow to rise.


Bex323  10 years ago
Horrible tests! The control line was so faint. On some of the tests, the control line barely showed up at all. The strips are so tiny to hold as well. Would not recommend to anyone!


Mommy2be2two  10 years ago
Sensitivity levels too high for my liking I've also gotten 2 false negatives with these one at 12 dpo and one at 14 dpo.


Guest  11 years ago
Never had a problem with my first daughter,but this time both test were very very faint positive. Any reason why?


ESCandRMC6115  11 years ago
Never an issue weather it's + or -


Guest  11 years ago
Dye light, Im certain they are reading fainter than they should based on my bloodtest. Took forever to process


caitlin.edwards  11 years ago
I used to be so impressed with these tests, but lately I've been getting a lot of evaporation lines.


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