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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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anastasias  6 years ago
I took the digital and it gave a yes+ when the blue dye that came with it gave me a very questionable positive. I would not trust this brand.


amyb13  7 years ago
I got a positive reading 10 dpo with Walgreens Digital


mscindyruth  7 years ago
came up pretty quickly. do NOT hold under for 20 seconds, i don't know why they advise this as it will always over saturate. just do maybe 10 seconds.




NamelessAria  7 years ago
I was surprised to get a positive on the generic Up&Up digital with only 23miu of hCG. I was very happy with this test. I got a negative the day before using a more expensive First Response Gold Digital.


dayalove  9 years ago
My positive (13 DPO) came fairly quickly, less than a minute wait :)


Roonis  12 years ago
I used Walgreens Digitals to confirm my first pregnancy with DS. It probably helped that I was 2-3 days late for AF, but I got fast positives. 20-40 seconds on every test (I took 4...hehehe). These are good tests!


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