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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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tjamesjakpa95  2 years ago
I like Clearblue early detection with the pink dye because I saw a clear line at 12 dpo. I’m not a fan of the blue dye tests unless testing after missed period.


TTCBABYGIRL3  7 years ago
Me nor any of my friends have ever had a problem with clear blue any of them . I trust them .and recently recommend the test to a friend and it's said she was pregnant and now she's 10 weeks. Had another very close friend try clear blue and it was negative the test never gave us any problems .


sapalee  9 years ago
Got a false positive with a faint blue line- confirmed negative with bloodwork and negative FRER. Not worth taking unless 12-14dpo and expecting a strong positive. Faint positives and eval look too similar.




homebirthmom123  11 years ago
one of my favorite tests. they are very sensitive and never had an evap with them. i prefer this over first response anyday. i got a super obvious + on this when a FRED was barely noticeable


jules9800601  11 years ago
Worst test ive ever used, leaves u wondering if its positive or an evaporation line, tried both tests incase it was a faulty ! then used another brand


sayLilly_Nikko  12 years ago
I was getting faint pos with frer and this test gave me a stronger faint pos within seconds. Made me believe i was.


mizkranky  12 years ago
the fake line on the positive cross is a have, wont buy them again


Guest  12 years ago
Fun seeing the word pregnant at 10 DPO


Guest  13 years ago
Bought by accident thinking it was a pink test cause it showed a pink tip on the test urine dip stick. They were intentionally being decptive...this is a blue dye test from he**. Have no idea if I got a BFP or BFN. The blue dye tests really suck!


gypsytasya  13 years ago
not going to buy blue-dye test again.


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