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Sensitivity: 50 mIU/ml

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CAlexaHarris  1 year ago
Took one while on my period out of curiosity and the Evap line is so profound that it could easily be misread as a positive result.


dnjneville  3 years ago
19dpo took the ept analog with pink dye. Got a false positive. I saw two pink lines at around the 3m mark so I tested with a frer to back up what the ept said and the frer was very clearly negative.


beenready  8 years ago
horrible first test evap and second test did have any dye in it so dont waste your money




JodieLove  9 years ago
used this test at 15 dpo & the result window got all runny & smudgy. I havnt had much luck with blue dye test......wouldnt buy this again.


forgetmenot2345  9 years ago
I used to equate early results at 13 dpo and they were both positive I used one ept so far and it registered negative. Not as sensitive.


beagreg2010  9 years ago
Came up strong positive asap!


Guest  9 years ago
Got a box of 2, took 12 & 13 dpo, both tests jus got all smudgy. Couldn't read any result. Wasted my money.


Guest  9 years ago
For being one of the cheaper brands this test worked well for me. I had to wait 5 days before my missed period for it to say i was positive, but they post that on the box.


JennaP  10 years ago
Three other brands read positive from 11 dpo to 14dpo. This one said negative until 14 dpo so it isn't very sensitive. If you are testing early I would not suggest using this brand. I really don't like it.


JennaP  11 years ago
I find it not quite as clear as other brands. Harder to interpret. A few didn't even register a control line.


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