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Sensitivity: 100 mIU/ml

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fluttlerfly  4 years ago
took this test at 11dpo, it worked great time wise, but its hard to tell if i had pulled a positive or an evap.


victoria0309  5 years ago
Took the First Response Rapid Result 12 dpo and it was a positive! Quick results.


pitzerd  7 years ago
I've used First Response brand for my first 2 pregnancies and they were 100% accurate. My first time using the Rapid Result and I've had 2 negatives so far. Which I believe are false.




BenjaminsMommy2012  7 years ago
I had been sick for a few days. my period was due eiter that day or the next since it varies month to month. peed on the stick set it down and stared at it. watched as the control line popped up first solid then my test line came in pretty darn dark. i was so happy i threw it at my husband


amberg7  8 years ago
Really quick result,no wait at all, dipped and immediate result,good for those who find the 3 min wait hard. Good solid line at 12dpo,even though its from day period is due!


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