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Amberelaine  3 years ago
I actually had a very positive hpt at 6 dpo, went in for bloods, 7dpo & my hcg was a 4!!!!, most doctors would consider that negative still, so I actually got a bfp with an hpt before my blood work was positive.


Penance  6 years ago
Most accurate results (obviously). The only downside is the trip to the doctor (a minor inconvenience, all things considered).


sapalee  6 years ago
It would be helpful to have blood test separated by quantitative and qualitative. I suspect there would be fewer early false negatives with a quant test as qual has a 25 cut off.




Sphillips69  7 years ago
no mistakes lol


SadGirlRachel  7 years ago
very accurate,if you're unsure about a home test get a blood test to be sure.i just found out on july 1, 2014 through hpt and blood test that i'm pregnant at only 13 DPO, i trust the blood test more the hpt


Lovinmomii  7 years ago
Well, I had a negative result as of 7 DPO, and am still wondering if maybe it was possible that it was a false negative. But, other than that I think they are pretty accurate. If you doubt the results, be sure to test once you've missed your period to know for sure! :)


Nuna1983  8 years ago
Takes a while to get results, but they're clear as can be


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