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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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vesselofclay04  10 years ago
The first time I used these tests, it gave me clear negatives, but this last time both tests showed up faintly positive. But I know they wear false positives because my period showed up. I will never buy this brand again!


silverplurimi  11 years ago
Used this pregnancy test and got what seemed to be a positive (blue light/thin plus sign, within the time limit) but all other tests showed negative. Blood test confirmed I was never pregnant. False positive.


amazingnothing  11 years ago
All false +. Wrote the company for a refund.




Guest  11 years ago
very faint line 14 days dpo (AF day) and clearer line 15 dpo. Didn't predict before I missed my period, but otherwise worked great.


Guest  11 years ago
Took 3 tests. 1 invalid 2 positive. went to doctor and urine and blood were NEGATIVE.


Guest  11 years ago
I got a very faint positive with one thin part of that line a little darker. Took a FRER the next day and still super faint. Don't know if both are evaps or just to early. Waiting a few more days


wildcat1828  12 years ago
had one negative then the next day I though maybe it was positive but I evaporation line cause I got another brand and all negative the last three days but still not period


KittenLvr  12 years ago
Never had an evap, as long as I held it in the urine for as long as it says. Develops quickly.


songbird  12 years ago
super fast and obvious!


Guest  12 years ago
Actually got a very faint positive 9-10 DPO but I was concerned it was an evap line, so definitely retested. BFP confirmed next day.


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