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Sensitivity: 50 mIU/ml

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allmine8  5 years ago
it says "6 days sooner", but it lies. FRER and CBdigital both gave me positives while the EPT said "not pregnant". At 14 DPO it did give me a pregnant result.


Krystalb023  8 years ago
It doesn't get clearer than "Pregnant" on the screen! Got my BFP at 12 DPO. Then tested with clearblue digital with weeks estimator and got another positive. Super happy!


jenb99  9 years ago
Got a squinter on an IC (supposedly 20 miu sensitivity) at 9 DPO and confirmed with this digital. I'd say it's much more sensitive than the 50 miu the description states.




obieswifey  9 years ago
Tested at 11 DPO and got my positive! That seems like a good sensitivity :)


OscarNPaprika  9 years ago
Love this digital, had a blighted ovum where the level never went above 20hcg, tested pregnant 4x in less than 2 minutes anytime of day.


babymama12  9 years ago
af is due in 3 days.. took a test yesterday and got a bfn. I'm pretty sure it was a false negative.


NervousMommy2Be  9 years ago
af due a bfn today...anyone else ?


ccatts  9 years ago
Dollar store test BFN, took two ept test and got a BFP both times. 13 dpo


danigirlttc  10 years ago
BFN today and my period is 4 days late. I believe that I got a false negative.


Wade1739  10 years ago
Been correct twice for me


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