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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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turtlegirl  6 years ago
Worst test I have used. The winder is difficult to see through, the horizontal line disappears after about fifteen minutes as it dries, and so did the faint positive line.


TysharraKnox  6 years ago
11 doo and got 2 Very Faint Positive on 2 test. I hope its right


rwilson1020  7 years ago
I don't really like the plus sign HPTs I prefer the standard 1 line no, 2 lines yes




rwilson1020  7 years ago
This test works ok, however I prefer the two line tests to the plus or minus tests.


IMHERE  7 years ago
the "-" sign was a grey color instead of pink


Furry_Bandicoot  7 years ago
Very bad evap. Took 20 min to show up but it was bark blue and thin. has happened 2 times now with this brand.


Guest  9 years ago
It was ok. I got my BFP with DS2 at 14DPO and it didn't take long. It's cheap, so that's good, but my only "negative" is that it had streaks but the + was eay to see.


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