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Sensitivity: 15 mIU/ml

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member_307651  2 years ago
Standard positive at 11 dpo


chasingsaturn  3 years ago
Have been unable to show even faint positive as late as 16 dpo when CB showed clear, unmistakable positive. These used to be my go-to test, but something happened to them in the last few years. I don't trust them anymore.


Kathryn86vspink  3 years ago
Really clear positive 9dpo with FRER. CB Digital was negative and One Step was negative




jeebee83  3 years ago
Pink evap lines that come up <20 minutes


MeganRost  3 years ago
Fast and simple. I use the cup method instead of mid stream. Showed faint positive on 9 dpo first morning urine when clear blue and cheapie internet strips showed negative.


surfniki  3 years ago
Indent lines look like faint positives


sendmena  3 years ago
I took 15 tests after my IVF transfer-- 5 of those 15 gave me PINK EVAP LINES--false hope.


anastasias  4 years ago
This brand now has awful indents and gives evaps that look like lines regularly for me.


sixxrose  4 years ago
My go to. Also i seem to have great luck on these. they show a positive before most others available in aus


AlwaysYates16  5 years ago
These used to be my go-to test, but since the new curved design I don't like them. Even had a faulty one two months ago where the test line was damaged and crooked!


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