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Ovulation on birth control pills just before IVF?!?!

Has this happened to anyone? I was on 4 weeks of birth control pills. My baseline (yesterday) is showing high ...

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Help on ovulation

Hi, all. I should be a pro but im having a hard time deciding when i ovulated. On the 17th i got a peak smiley ... Updated

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Pregnancy update in week 23

Hello to all!! Hope you are doing well and stopped by to send over lots of baby dust to all of you. The preg ...


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Bleeding/brown discharge?

Hi ladie, I just wanted to throw it out there and see how many of you had any bleeding in the first few weeks ...

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Fertility after a miscarriage

Hey ladies. Anybody know how fertile you are after a early miscarriage? I finally got my bfp last month only t ...

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I am 14dpo and I got very faint line.

I have been throug 2 early misscarrage and I don’t want to hope up again. But I got this faint line at ...

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December 2018 Babies

This is a little corner of the world for those of us who didn't conceive in February. A small place for those ...

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Just Saying Hello

I really miss this place. I think about and pray for my friends all the time. It was so refreshing to log on a ...

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Help which OPK is positive??

The past 3 days OPKs.... i didnt BD on the 3rd day but did the night before. Just did one today and it's only ...

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I'm heartbroken. Faint bfp this morn and neg/evap since *pic*

So this morning with fmu I swear I got got a faint positive. I was so excited. It doesn't show well in pics bu ... Updated

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