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TTC November/December 2020

Hello friends! I’m here to keep active our previous boards! Since as it seems I’m not going anywhe ...

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Help if can ...

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TTC October 2020 Babies

Hi all! I'm back in the TTC game as of today. I just got my first post postpartum period so now I feel like I ...

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Late BFP stories please!

Hi all. I really need to hear some BFP stories from some people. I'm having a bit of a mental breakdown. ...

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Secondary infertility

Just wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences of fertility treatment in the uk/ni? I have my last ...

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39yo TTC#2 Anyone else in their late 30's/early 40's TTC?

Looking for some buddies around my age TTC. I'm TTC my 2nd child and I think I may be pregnant, I'm about 5-6d ...

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Period and Cycle Days, Confused!

Hi all, So here's my question: Usually my cycle is around 27 days, LMP was 19th Jan, O'd on 1st Feb. This ...

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June babies 2020

Hi ladies thought I’d make a post for us ladies due with are bungle of joys due in June 2020 so we can ...

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40 and trying for baby after 13 years!

Hi friends, Recently, I have started TTC after my two boys are 13 and almost 16. I have always been healthy, ...

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4th and last child!

I’m sad, happy, scared, and every other emotional. I’m 4 weeks today so I’m going to take th ...

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