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Drs Appointment and Results

So I went in for my 1st prenatal visit for this pregnancy. Dr did a vaginal ultrasound and saw a sac, no baby ...

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Pregnant after miscarriage

So, I got this today after miscarrying on September 7th. The moment I saw this, I honestly wasn't as thrilled ...

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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers. :heart: I'll introduce myself and maybe ...

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TTC baby #2

Been TTC baby #2 since February of 2021 (8 months now). It took my husband and I 15 months to conceive our fir ...

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Conceive Plus and Pre-Seed?

TTC baby 2. Would love to hear Experiences and general discussion for anyone ttc using fertility lube. Current ...

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TTC MAY/JUNE Babies 2022

Looks like 200+ pages is the cut off for a discussion. Lmao!! :crazy_face:

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Took this 17th September think I was about 7dpo

Can anyone see any colour this isn't edited

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Miscarriage - again

Miscarried again last week. Bleeding finally stopped but still getting a positive pregnancy test. :'( Just wan ...

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I forget what TWW symptoms are like?!

Hi Everyone. I am currently ttc baby number two. My husband and I baby danced the day of a positive Ovulatio ...

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Here you can rant with no apologies

Hello ladies! Ttc can really be a roller coaster especially for anyone who’s trying for a long time like ...

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