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Is it twins?

I've never even thought about having twins but for some reason this pregnancy I've thought it's twins and am g ...

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When should I see my midwife?

Hi all, I’m wondering when I need to see my midwife? I’m currently 8+3

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9dpo & still zero pms symptoms?

Due my period in 5 days and I still haven’t had ONE single pms symptom that I usually have every month ? ...

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AF or implantation

I am currently at 10 dpo and suddenly started spotting (very little and pink for now) and light cramping. Wond ...

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Unsure what this means

Took a test with fmu instantly these lines came up what does it mean any replies would be appreciated

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Pregnancy test - dye run?

Hi all, I'm new to this so not sure if I'm posting correctly but... I have PCOS and I'm trying ovulation in ...

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Honest opinions on slow FRER progressions (14-18dpo with pic)

Hi ladies. Thanks in advance for reading. I am wondering why many people say “a line is a line” wh ...

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Nausea/vomiting at 5 and 7 dpo??

Has anyone else experienced nausea and vomiting this early? I had hyperemesis with a previous pregnancy but ev ...

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Twin hcg??

Okay.. I know, I know. HCG alone cannot prove a twin pregnancy. But I’m curious to know what everyone&rs ...

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16dpo, no AF and BFN

Hi all, I am new to the CTP community, I hope everyone is keeping well. Today is 16dpo and no AF, I tes ...

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