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Baby No#4 and giving hope to all

Hi all
So I’m due baby no#4 on 30th November. I already have a son and twins from ivf. In between my treatments I fell pregnant naturally but miscarried and now I’ve fallen pregnant naturally again and this baby looks perfect. Baby is small but all our children have been small - we just have small babies haha!
So 4 years after I started ttc I finally held my 1st born in my arms from a fet, then to be surprised with twins from a fet and now a ‘pull out method’ baby!!!
Will have 4 under 4 but I will love every minute.
The tears and heartache are worth it in the end and even people who have been trying for 10+ years make it. Don’t give up hope, seriously don’t. I did and mentally it took its toll. Stay positive all, treatment works.
I hope everyone finds their golden ticket in the raffle of ttc and that my 4 children give everyone hope xxxxxxxxxxx


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