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Possibly pregnant after loss

Hi I'm new here but just needed somewhere to post. I recently lost my son in December. He was born 3 months early. Of course due to the c section my doctors (obviously) want me to wait to get pregnant again. so my husband and I are being careful- however these month I've been feeling a lot of symptoms I had wihen I was pregnant with my son, that I do not normally get before menstruation, Nauseous in the morning before I even eat and nauseous if I become hungry. Blue veins in my breats. Montgomery tubercles enlarged, sorta sore breasts. I'm due for my period tomorrow but do not want to take a test yet incase it's just my body playing tricks on me.

I have mixed feelings. I would be happy if I was pregnant again however of course I would be nervous too, which I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and what the results where?

Thank you :)

Mommy to an Angel. David Everett 12/12/11 - 12/18/11

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hello, have you tested? l am too scared to test

5 years ago

No I did not test I ended up getting my period on the day I was supposed to. My periods are hardly ever late just long. So i just waited. Disappointing but relieved at the same time.

Definite mixed feelings. However I've taken so many hpt in the past couple years a - no longer phases me.

Mommy to an Angel. David Everett 12/12/11 - 12/18/11

5 years ago • Post starter

Hi, we lost our son Sept 1 full term! and they always talk about risk tied in with c section. I have had 2 c sections and now I just cant wait any longer.. me and my DH are currently ttc and I know there are risk however my mother in law had 3 c sections and her uterus ruptured with her second child and they are 9yrs apart! my mother also had 3 and she got preg with my sis 5 months after having my brother! so I feel like what ever is gonna happen is gonna happen you just have to be careful and take care of yourself and your unborn child..

5 years ago

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