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Foaming Bleach Pregnancy Test?

I read online that if you put a little bleach in a cup and pee in it, it will foam if you are pregnant and if you're not pregnant, it won't... Has anyone else tried this? What were your results?

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I haven't tried this but I have herd about a test to determine the gender of a pregnant woman's baby by having them pee in a cup of baking soda.

Bleach in a cup would be MUCH cheaper!!!

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5 years ago

A lot of people think it's stupid, but the women who have tried it, took a follow-up HPT and turned out to be pregnant.

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i just did the homemade bleach pregnancy test out of just being curious i have missed my period by 10 days now anywho i poured bleach in the cup and added a lil urine to it it literally overflowed with foam and stayed bubbley until i poured it out i had my husband pee in a cup and added bleach not quite the same reaction however tomorrow i will be buying a test to make sure

5 years ago

I would just like to say that you should be careful if you are doing this in a smaller enclosed space, like a half bathroom. After the bleach foams up, it apparently creates and lets off a very strong gas, which I am assuming is toxic. I dumped the cup out quickly and turned the bathroom fan on. Maybe I put too much urine in the cup, but that was definitely an unpleasant surprise.

Be careful!

5 years ago

So.. Ummm.. I did the bleach one and it fizzed everywhere. So, just to be sure I made my sister and brother do it and it did absolutely nothing..
I have felt very weird lately. I checked in
Im almost positive Im pregnant. <3

3 years ago

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