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IVF in India

I live in US and so far I had four IUIs in 2017, and now we are getting ready for IVF. Approximate cost is 14,000 (only to reserve an IVF spot); and it can go over 25,000 per cycle (with meds, ICSI,...etc).

We have been in contact with Dr. Anoop Gupta, Delhi, India ( IVF cost is $3,500, up to approx. $5,000 (including meds, ICSI, etc), clinic offers in-house accommodations ($20 per night; about $600 for 30 days), plus medical visa and all above!

I would love to hear, your opinion about IVF in India.

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Hi Vekivelj,
I am 36, based in Mumbai, India. TTC for 2 years. Had an early mc after a naturally conceived cycle, unexplained infertility, 2 failed IUIs. I have just commenced IVF in mumbai. Finished my ER a week ago. So far the prcedure has been good. I am getting it done from Dr Jatin Shah in Mumbai. Happy to share more details if you want. Frankly I didn’t do much research about IVF, my doc referred me to him and we liked him, his staff and his clinic, so decided to go ahead with him. His success rate stats are pretty good. Cost is about USD 3500 per cycle. You could Look him up on the internet. Wish you all the best!

6 months ago

Thank you, Gem1981! Please do share all info with me about Dr. Jatin Shah. I would love to read about your IVF journey...Best wishes with IVF!

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