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Hey ladies, I have a big issue. Im TTC my first for about 6/7 months and have been having a very difficult time. DH and I are healthy average couple and have been using opks and tracking my cycles and our intimacy very carefully but still no positives. I feel just awful and, quite honestly, like my body is defective. Doctors assure me that everything is fine but the emotional turmoil is quite great. I feel like I have nobody to talk to and confide in about these feelings im having. Im afraid to discuss them when family and friends because Ive always been viewed as strong and resilient woman and don't want people to treat me different or pity me because of these difficult times. Long story short, I just need someone, a friend, someone who understands this feeling to talk to and help me get all this off my chest. It hurts so much to be struggling like this and to feel like I have nobody to talk to.

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I am here if you need to talk, just send me a message!

8 weeks ago

Same here... Every negative I get I kinda feel like my body doesn’t want to do-operate with me... This month was the first month that I actually got a positive OPK test and we did it the day before, on and after ovulation and I was so sure... I took a test on 13DPO and15DPO and again just negatives... Probably took 10 tests between December and now and every time it’s only one line I get so sad... I know they say it takes average 6-12 months before actually getting pregnant but then seeing all these people who conceived in the first month is just like uhg...

6 weeks ago

I feel your pain. I’m so angry at my friends for getting pregnant without trying then feeling like a horrible person for doing it. For me the hardest thing about long ttc is that no one can ever understand what you are going through. Unless they have been there themselves. And maybe this sounds terrible but I don’t like hanging out with our pregnant friends anymore. All they do is talking about childbirth, children and how it’s exhausting for them to be pregnant. This makes me depressed. I am happy for them, but sometimes it’s too hard.

6 weeks ago

I am so glad to see that I'm not alone! My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since 2014. We've had 3 miscarriages and have had every single test done that could ever be done. I am exhausted. I have PCOS but when I have gotten pregnant, I cant carry past 8 weeks. It's absolute emotional terror. With that being said.. since 2014 there have been 13 babies born within my circle. THIRTEEN! And recently my cousin found out she is expecting twins.. she conceived WITH her up to date IUD in. I cried and pouted when I heard this. So I get you guys. Completely. My husband's twin recently welcomed a baby and she looks just like her just like my husband and it absolutely breaks my heart every time I see her. And unfortunately that has resulted in me seeing her as little as possible. Which is terrible because I absolutely adore her. It's a constant battle between emotional, mental and physical decisions. I'm here for you ladies.. and I honestly don't think we're wrong in feeling the way we do...because you're right.. no one can understand unless they have BEEN there. I feel like less of a woman because I physically CANT do what I should be able to do. Not that I choose not to... I CANT. That's so painful to realize. I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone. Thank you all for sharing.

6 weeks ago

You're all amazing and I feel better too knowing that there's so many similarities between us all. My best friend is 7 months pregnant and I love her but its making me sad to hang out with her but I don't wanna say anything because she's expressed multiple times that she feels guilty for getting pregnant so easy while im struggling. Ive been feeling crazy lately like preggos are just closing in all around me while I seem to be stuck in the one line club. But I'm coming up on another fertile period and hoping that staying positive will earn me a positive. I cant tell you all how relieving it is to know im not as alone as I thought and that were all out here fighting the same battle ??????

6 weeks ago • Post starter

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